Extreme Lounging is door en door Brits. En daar zijn ze trots op. De zitzakken, kussens en lampen ademen Britse luxe en vakmanschap.

The B-bag is British, through and through. And they’re proud of it. They’re also proud of the fact that they make every single B-bag at their factory in Yorkshire, where they have been making the best bean bags for over 10 years.

It all started with a straightforward request from Steve Shrimpton’s son Tim. “Can you make me a bean bag please, Dad?” Having built up a successful textiles company, Steve thought “no problem”. His first attempt was a small narrow seat. “Too small, Dad.” The second a bigger seat. “Bigger, Dad, bigger!” Finally, Steve made a huge bean bag seat. Tim loved it. His friends loved it and tested it to the max. B-bag was born.

Today, Extreme Lounging still sources all of their materials for their luxury bean bags from as close to their home as possible. Not only that, they strive to make everything they do as environmentally friendly as they can. And they do all of this in the cause of creating an uber-comfortable place for you to plonk your posterior.

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